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Ch. J. B. Collin-Mezin, Paris, 1893 Flag of France
This is a particularly striking violin by the celebrated French maker and comes from his mature period. The figure of the maple is particularly attractive and highlighted by a transparent golden varnish. The tone of this violin is quite loud and penetrating in keeping with the maker’s reputation. The condition is very good and there are only a few minor cracks which have been well repaired. The Hill registration number “W512” is seen on the end of the fingerboard.
$16,000 Violin front
Galen Hartley, Montpellier, France, 2014 Flag of France
Length of back: 353 mm (13 78").
Another violin from one of Canada’s most promising makers, this is his first instrument made in France. It is slightly smaller than those previous, but with a similar antiqued varnish showing more subtle colours. It is evident that he is working with a freer hand and more experience.
$10,000 Violin front
Petko Stoinov, Kazanlak, 2014 Flag of Bulgaria
Patterned after ‘il Canonne’ of Nicolo Paganini by Guarneri del Gesù, dated 1742. It is meticulously made of local Balkan wood and richly varnished and slightly antiqued. Provided with a certificate from the maker with his photographs. This violin is presently consigned to Larsen Music where it can be viewed. See www.violinstoinov.com.
$5,000 Violin front
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Angelus Soliani, Modena, 1807 Flag of Italy ~ SOLD ~
Instruments by Angelo Soliani (1752–1810) are comparatively rare, though well regarded. This example of interesting and beautiful wood shows some skillful restorations done in the Hill Shop circa 1967. It is a wonderful violin to play and is sold with a certificate from W.E. Hill & Sons
  Violin front
Honoré Derazey, Mirecourt, France, circa 1860 Flag of France ~ SOLD ~
Elegantly conceived and realized by one of the most productive of the Mirecourt makers, this violin combines an impressive tone and at the same time an ease of playing. It is in good repaired condition and is provided with a certificate dated 1916 by George Withers.
  Violin front
Unlabeled Italian Violin, circa 1875 Flag of Italy ~ SOLD ~
The energy of the edgework and richly coloured varnish give this violin much character and appeal. It is made of native Italian wood with some visible worm damage, extensive wear from playing, and much good restoration. It has all the openess one hopes for in an older violin and a strong expressive tone.
  Violin front
Marengo Romanus Rinaldi, Turin, 1898 Flag of Italy ~ SOLD ~
A fine playing instrument from a maker of the Pressenda school.
  Violin front
Filippo Protani, Perugia, Italy, 2011 Flag of Italy ~ SOLD ~
Now established in his native Perugia, Filippo Protani is a prize-winning maker who trained at the Scuola per Maestri Liutai e Archettai in Gubbio, Umbria and then at the Newark School of Violin Making. This violin, made of European wood, is a copy of a 1736 Carlo Bergonzi and has been carefully antiqued to imitate the original. It is offered by the maker in like new condition after having been on loan to a player in England.
  Violin front
George Craske, a composite English violin Flag of UK ~ SOLD ~
Only the front of this violin is by George Craske, circa 1860. Apparently the rest of the instrument was made to fit the front by an English shop and their registration number of 9974 can be seen on the end of the fingerboard. The sides, back and neck show a lighter coloured ground layer than the front and look newer with deliberate antiquing The sides are higher and the margins narrower than what one expects on a Craske and the interior workmanship is better as well. This is a fine playing instrument with a particularly smooth, dark and loud voice.
  Violin front
George Craske, England 1847 Flag of UK ~ SOLD ~
George Craske lived from 1795 to 1888 and worked much of the later part of his life in complete seclusion. In his early years he was a student of William Forster. William Henley describes him as the most productive maker working alone in the history of violin making. This instrument bears a facsimile Panormo label inside, but on the wood of the front under the fingerboard is hidden the maker's signature “George Craske, fecit 1847”. This instrument is in Craske’s typical personal style and possesses a complex and rich sound. It shows the evidence of much playing and has been extensively restored in our shop.
  Violin front
Gregory T. Walke, Paisley, Ontario, 2008 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
Canadian maker Gregory Walke and his wife Sibylle Ruppert have been established in their shop in Paisley Ontario since 1988. This instrument is new from the maker and is typical of his work, with a one piece maple back and covered in rich brown varnish. Gregory’s instruments are well regarded for their full, open sound and easy response.
  Violin front
Unlabeled English violin by Peter Wamsley, early 18th C Flag of UK ~ SOLD ~
Branded “Wamsley, 204 STRAND” below button of back.
Peter Wamsley (worked in London circa 1715–1751) trained Joseph Hill, patriarch of the famous Hill family. This violin came to us with the evidence of centuries of playing and many different repairs and resorations. The back is in excellent condition, though the button was replaced long ago. The middle bouts of the treble side have the initials 'W.R.' scratched into them. The front shows a small amount of worm damage and a number of repaired cracks, though the sound post area is quite healthy. The sound of this violin is lovely, even and transparent.
  Violin front
Geoffrey Ovington, New York, 2009 Flag of USA ~ SOLD ~
Geoffrey Ovington continues to explore ways his instruments can delight the player. This instrument is light in the hand with an easy response and a particularly full dark sound, surprising in a new instrument. See www.ovingtonviolins.com.
  Violin front
R. Kim Tipper, Saskatoon, 1994 # 12 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
A rare violin from this Canadian maker. Modeled after Guarneri del Gesù and made of spruce and maple from British Columbia. Dark orange/red varnish, fancy fittings. Initialed, stamped and labeled by maker. Full, charming sound.
  Violin front
Guy Harrison, Ottawa, 2006 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
Australian-born Guy Harrison trained at the Newark School of Violin Making. He has won awards internationally and is among the best makers working in Canada today. We are proud to offer for sale this instrument which was made in a French style and covered in a rich red-brown varnish. It is in new condition with a full open sound. See www.guyharrison.com.
  Violin front
John Newton, Toronto, 1986 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
John Newton is a well known and active Canadian maker who apprenticed with Otto Erdesz almost 30 years ago. This instrument has been played very little and is in excellent conditon with a rich brown varnish showing some original shading and antiquing by the maker.
  Violin front
Galen Hartley, Montreal, QC, 2014 No. 12 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
Length of back: 357 mm (14 116").
A new violin from one of Canada’s most promising makers. This has a strong dark personality and is richly varnished and nicely antiqued.
  Violin front
Louis Otto fecit Düsseldorf anno 1912  No.503 (hand numbered) Flag of Germany ~ SOLD ~
Bold and artfully made by respected and prolific German maker of a century ago, this violin recommends itself with its ease of playing and open sound. It comes to us never having needed repair and has been a well cared for family possession for almost seventy years.
  Violin front
Galen Hartley, Montreal, QC, 2013 No. 08 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
The much anticipated eighth violin by this talented young maker. A front made of European spruce and a back of big-leaf maple from B.C. combine for a satisfying sound in this light and strong instrument.
  Violin front
John Smith, Winnipeg, 1938 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
John Smith was born 1859 in Fauldhouse, West Lothian, Scotland, and immigrated to Winnipeg circa 1919 where he became one of the most important makers in western Canada. Like our other Smith violin this instrument shows beautiful wood, though it is clear the maker was feeling his age. Nonetheless it is just as pleasant an instrument to play. It comes to us from the original owner and is in excellent condition.
  Violin front
Galen Hartley, Montreal, QC, 2012 No. 06 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
The latest violin from this rapidly improving maker, who has just returned from France and Italy where he has apparently received good instruction. The wood is from BC, as is the maker and the tone of this violin is immediately appealing. The varnish is richer and more lustrous than on earlier instruments.
  Violin front
John Smith, Winnipeg, 1936 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
John Smith was born 1859 in Fauldhouse, West Lothian, Scotland, and immigrated to Winnipeg circa 1919 were he became one of the most important makers in western Canada. Very productive, he was known for the beautiful wood he used, his rustic personal style and rich brown varnish. Died 1941. This violin is in very good condition with a clear sweet tone and a particularly beautiful one piece back.
  Violin front
Galen Hartley, Montreal, 2011 No.04 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
This is Galen Hartley’s fourth violin and the third he has completed since moving to Montreal. Like his earlier instruments it is made of native B.C. spruce and big-leaf maple and produces a rich open tone such as one would expect from a mature instrument. The workmanship is much improved with smoother archings and more precise edgework. The front shows a slightly raised texture and the lovely back is in one-piece.
  Violin front
J.C. Ficker  Markneukirchen, circa 1760 Flag of Germany ~ SOLD ~
This lovely old German violin has seen much playing and good restoration during its long life. The one piece back is very sound as are the sides. The front has a number of good crack repairs and the scroll is nicely grafted to a new neck. The model is broad with moderately full archings of front and back and wide channels at the edges. The sound sets it quite apart from new instruments in the same price range.
  Violin front
Otto Migge, Eastbourne 1902 Flag of Germany Flag of UK ~ SOLD ~
This German born violin maker moved to England in the late 1890’s and was established at Eastbourne circa 1900. He wrote a treatise on Cremonese varnish and produced good looking and well made violins. William Henley writes favourably of his work though he observes that it does not look Cremonese. This is an attractive instrument with minimal repairs. It is robust, open and beautiful to play.
  Violin front
Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen, 1929 Flag of Germany ~ SOLD ~
Ernst Heinrich Roth is one of the most respected names in German violin making. This exquisite example comes from the best period in that firm’s history and is accompanied by the original certificate of authenticity. The label indicates that it is built on a Stradivari pattern of 1714. The wood and the workmanship are without defect and the instrument has never been opened nor needed repair. Only the fittings have been replaced and there are a modest number of scratches from playing. See www.roth-violins.de.
  Violin front
C. S. Hartwell, Lewiston, Maine, No. 12, 1904 Flag of USA ~ SOLD ~
An interesting well made Guarneri copy violin by a little known American maker in very good condition. One repaired crack by the treble sound hole. This violin resembles the work of Nathan S. Taylor also of Lewiston, Maine, 1841-1923.
  Violin front
Sibylle Ruppert, Paisley, Ontario, 2006 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
A fine playing instrument. It has a very open sound and a beautiful complex tone.
  Violin front
Cristiano Cioata, Reghin, Romania, 2014 Flag of Romania ~ SOLD ~
Nestled in the heart of Transylvania, the little town of Reghin has long been the capital of Romanian violin making thanks to the excellent tonewood that grows there. This new violin by Cristiano Cioata was made after a classic Stradivari pattern using Carpathian maple and spruce that has been air-dried over six years. The spirit varnish he uses is applied over a mineral ground, and displays the figure of the wood beautifully. This violin is light and agile and quite easy to play with a very balanced and sweet tone. It is provided with photos and a certificate from the maker. See www.cristianocioata.com.
  Violin front
Petko Stoinov, Kazanlak, 2012 Flag of Bulgaria ~ SOLD ~
Patterned after ‘il Canonne’ of Nicolo Paganini by Guarneri del Gesù, dated 1742. It is meticulously made of local Balkan wood and varnished with the method described by the late David Rubio. Provided with a certificate from the maker with his photographs. See www.violinstoinov.com.
  Violin front
Old Tyrolean violin Flag of Austria ~ SOLD ~
Old violin with an indistinct label dated 1730, handwritten in German or Austrian. This violin has just undergone a complete restoration including the re-setting of the neck. The neck and string length are slightly smaller than modern convention.
  Violin front
Sig Hoibakke, Victoria, B.C., 1975 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
This interesting violin by local maker and repairer Sigisvald Hoibakke comes to us completely unplayed from the estate of one of the maker’s friends. It still bears the maker’s original bridge and a mottled example of his varnish experiments which has hardened with age. This may be one of the last instruments Sig completed as his obiturary is dated 1975. It is made of European wood of fine quality and is without crack or flaw. There is much decorative ivory as is common with this maker’s instruments. This violin is easy and enjoyable to play with a good clear tone.
  Violin front
Petko Stoinov, Kazanlak, 2010 Flag of Bulgaria ~ SOLD ~
This is our second violin from Petko Zlatev Stoinov of Kazanlak, Bulgaria. It is patterned after the ex-Kochanski Guarneri del Gesù violin of 1741 which until recently was the concert instrument of Aaron Rosand. This violin has richer colours, is slightly antiqued and shows as much promise as the previous instrument. It is also made of local Balkan wood and varnished with the method described by the late David Rubio. See www.violinstoinov.com.
  Violin front
Collin-Mezin, Mirecourt, 1948 Flag of France ~ SOLD ~
Labeled “CH. J.B. Collin-Mezin, 1948   Luthier 30 extra, Grand Prix — Exposition Universelle, Made in France   PARIS   N.63”
After 1945 the shop of Collin-Mezin produced violins with increasingly exaggerated archings and this is a fine example of this. The front rises abruptly at the sound holes and is fairly flat in the bridge area producing a particularly easy response. This violin comes to us in excellent condition with no cracks or repairs evident, few marks on the edges and the original pegs and bridge. The varnish has been somewhat stained by years of dirt, but otherwise is in excellent condition.
  Violin front
John B. Wells, Violin Maker, Westbank, British Columbia, Fecit anno 2000 Flag of Canada ~ SOLD ~
John Wells is a cellist in the Okanagan symphony and an active instrument maker. This is a good example of his work made of local maple and spruce. The flame of the maple back and sides is particularly attractive. It is a good sounding violin that has not had any serious repairs, though the varnish has been extensively retouched. The tone is well balanced and clear.
  Violin front
Paul Knorr, Markneukirchen, 1955 Flag of Germany ~ SOLD ~
This is an excellent small instrument of beautiful wood, rich varnish and good workmanship. The body is substantial for a 7/8 size violin and has recently been setup with an increased neck angle and a new bridge. The sound is full and beautiful with a particularly surprising G string. Inside the instrument is the “P*K” brand which was applied to the maker’s best work.
  Violin front