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Bow Rehairing

At R. Kim Tipper & Associates, we perform the rehairing of your bow with the care and respect of a conservator. All of our experience in the craft and the materials we use will be directed to restoring the playing characteristics of the bow and protecting its condition and value. Above all we wish to enhance your playing and enjoyment. To these ends, we prefer to service your bow in an unhurried manner and use only the best ‘Blue String Brand’ and ‘Canadian’ hair from Michael T. Sowden and Sons of Drighlington, England. In this way we can completely guarantee your satisfaction.

For our Standard Artisan Rehair:

  • We use the best white ‘Blue String Brand’ hair.
  • The bow will be carefully disassembled, cleaned and, where appropriate, gently polished, taking care not to induce undue wear.
  • The camber of the bow and the fit of the working parts will be assessed and discussed with the owner if necessary.
  • Minor restorative attention to the varnish of the bow may be performed to protect against wear, and any loose glue joints will be attended to.
  • A quantity of hair appropriate to the bow and the owner’s wishes will be picked and counted out by hand, removing any with detectable faults. Typically in this picking process we will discard 5% to 15% of the hair we receive.
  • The selected hank of hair will be washed in at least two changes of cool water to remove any traces of detergents, other chemicals or dirt which may hinder performance.
  • Once the hair is inserted into the bow it will be left to dry for a time in order to gauge the length before the final fitting of the spreader wedge and the finishing of the rehair.
  • The working parts will be lubricated before the bow is returned to its owner.
  • Only at the owner's request, we will apply a first coat of rosin to the bow.

For out of town customers, we will ship a bow back to its owner at cost.

For rehair pricing and to see our Premium rehair selections, download our Rehair Menu.

How often should a player have his or her bow rehaired? It varies from player to player. We have customers who have their bow rehaired three or four times a year and others who may play on the same hair for ten or twenty years. Many teachers recommend a bow be rehaired every year or so.

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